Haibo Group began in year of 1988, by now is a national high-tech enterprise including R & D and mass production in one. The company is located in Ningbo District of Beilun, adjacent to Beilun port, with 3 manufacturing bases, 2 research centers, 1 international trade companies and 1 brand flagship store. The total area covers nearly one hundred thousand square meters, of which construction area nearly one hundred thousand square meters; almost 1000 employees, the total assets amounted to 400 million yuan. The company has become a diversified manufacturing enterprises and possess industry-leading level in multiple market segments based on strong machinery manufacturing base, high intelligent DC motor manufacturing development ability, surface treatment ability and comprehensive development, solid management ability.

Haibo consistently persist on technological innovation, management innovation and cultural innovation. The company continued to increase R & D investment and deepen technical reform.


With strong components manufacturing equipment resources and rich industry experience, Haibo can meet different precision requirement on varied material parts of die casting, metal material mechanical parts, precision injection molded parts, and other components. The group own the ability to integrate resources and provide supporting assembly from parts to final units.

Specialized in precision machining small parts, precision casting, precision forging, special surface treatment and other fields...

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